The Bassiouni Group (TBG) is a Global Development and Management Consulting firm that drives Economic Growth by focusing on Sustainability, Innovation and Impact. We provide a mix of Consulting, Advisory, and Investment solutions for governments, international institutions, corporations and communities. The firm is managed by experienced leaders – from the public and private sectors – and it leverages a Global Network comprised of more than 500 experts in over 150 countries. TBG’s mission is to create innovative solutions that empower our clients, positively impact the communities in which they operate and improve the  overall quality of life.

Our Services



We enable global institutions,
governmental agencies and
corporations to tackle challenges,
resolve organizational issues
and maximize performance.


Global Business Growth

We connect OECD-based companies to new growth opportunities in Emerging and Frontier markets in Asia, Central Asia, MENA, and Sub-Saharan Africa.



We link global investors to
untapped opportunities in Emerging
and Frontier markets, and build
long-term investments
around sustainability.


We help global corporations,
SMBs/SMEs and institutions to
pursue their mission in line with
the triple bottom line (people, planet,

Projects & Case Studies

CLEANTECH/ENERGY: Solixi (Finland)
We have reached a critical point in the fight against Climate Change. The Paris Agreement aims to limit global temperature increase, ...
ADVANCED MATERIALS & MANUFACTURING: Alternative Rubber / TKS Dandelion (Kazakhstan)
In 2015, global production of natural rubber reached 12.3 million tons and the world’s rubber needs are expected to require up to 21 ...
When it comes to the global agenda, Food Security is right next to Climate Change. The global population continues to grow while ...

Client & Experience

COVID-19 Response Team — Solutions for Business & Government

TBG has mobilized its COVID-19 Response Team, which includes leading public health/medical, crisis management and research/data management experts who have worked in some of the most challenging environments and war-zones around the world. Get a Rapid Assessment and an Action Plan today. Just click below and let’s get to work!