What’s the Key to (Business) Success? Focus on the Why.
By admin September 14, 2020

Why do some companies succeed while others just do “okay” or fail? Why do some leaders inspire greatness while others don’t? The reason is deeply engrained in biology and how our brains work. It’s not the “WHAT” — it’s the “WHY”.

This Simon Sinek TED Talk never (ever) gets old: “Start with Why”. “People don’t buy WHAT you do — they buy WHY you do it and the “what you do” simply serves as the proof of what you believe”. Ultimately, the goal is to engage people who believe in what you believe. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Business or Politics.

Whether you’re an established company or a startup, it’s worth adopting this approach. Alternatively, just look at the top-performing global brands and put this approach to the test.

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