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We have been talking to the Infectious Disease Epidemiologists (“Disease Detectives”) on our COVID-19 Response Team about the important of Contact Tracing. So, what exactly is Contact Tracing and why is it so important?

Per this article, it’s a tried and tested method of determining who has recently been in close contact with a person infected with a virus, such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and reaching out to those people to let them know they may have been exposed and guide them on what to do next. It is critical to containment and now several U.S. states are pushing forward with Contact Tracing initiatives.

Absent a vaccine, which could be at least a year away, the best way to beat back COVID-19 is via a combination of contact tracing, social distancing/isolation and increased testing. For more information about TBG’s COVID-19 Response Team and how we can support your institution/organization on Contact Tracing and other initiatives, email us at (

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