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‘’Climate change is the greatest threat of our time’’ said James Michel, the president of Seychelles as he opened the AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States) summit. The AOSIS is a coalition of small -island and low-lying coastal states and acts as an ad hoc lobby for Small Island developing States (SIDS) within the UN system, and is currently meeting to take a common position for the upcoming UN climate talk in Lima, Peru. The Two-day conference will also aim to adopt a legally binding document on climate change that will be taken to the UN Climate Change Summit in Paris next year, where 195 countries will unite to try and reach a global environmental accord.

The delegates are expected to discuss the latest findings published by the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) with special focus on issues important to SIDS. In the lowest four emission scenarios given by IPCC experts, global average temperatures over this century are likely to rise 0.3 to 1.7 degrees Celsius leading to an average rise in sea levels of 26 to 55cm. Under the highest scenario, the global warming temperature would be 2.6 to 4.8 degrees Celsius, resulting in a sea level rise of 45 to 82cm.

Mr. Michel also said ‘’we do not have the economic means to build sophisticated defences. We do not have the latest technology to better adapt to the problem…nor do we have the economic might to apply sanctions on those most guilty of causing the problem.’’ Some low-lying island nations are little more than one metre above sea level, and are regarded as some of the most vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by global warming, and could completely disappear with rising sea levels. Some island states in the Pacific like Kiribati have already begun analysing options for their populations if climate change forces them to leave their homeland. For example, it has spent millions of dollars buying land in Fiji as a potential new home for its 100,000 people.

While addressing AOSIS, the head of the Nauru envoy, Chairman Scotty explained that her country and people are already feeling the effects of climate change, adding that ‘’it is all about solidarity, about AOSIS making sure that we make our mark in regards to climate change, that we make our issues known throughout the whole world, about our concerns for climate change, this immense and dangerous threat of climate change.’’

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