Case Studies

UNICEF Strengthening Humanitarian Action Initiative

In September 2013 UNICEF concluded that an initiative for Strengthening Humanitarian Action (SHA) needed be undertaken in order to respond to the continuously changing and heightened context of humanitarian action and to help UNICEF continue to deliver on the Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action.  Under the SHA initiative, multiple workstreams were undertaken, one of which being the analysis of direct implementation modalities UNICEF undertakes in times of crises.  TBG undertook the analysis of the direct implementation modalities and developed an options paper with recommendations for UNICEF in order to respond more efficiently and effectively in sudden onset crises.  The options paper was then presented at Martigny 3, a senior management meeting held in Istanbul, to reflect on progress with the SHA and make recommendations accordingly to the GMT.  TBG’s options paper was widely accepted at Martigny 3 and UNICEF has decided to put the recommendations provided into action in the field.  The options and recommendations proposed by TBG will help guide and turn into SSOPs and be used throughout the UNICEF system.

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