U.S. Presidential Election 2020: The Emergence of the COVID Voter
By admin August 20, 2020

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We are used to the usual voting blocs (e.g. white working class, non-college, suburban, urban etc) in U.S. elections but we believe that will see the emergence of new kind of voter this November. We believe that the “COVID Voter” will become the critical swing vote in the general election and this is likely given the broad impact of the pandemic and extreme disapproval of Pres. Trump’s handling of COVID-19 crisis — which now stands at 59%, a record high. In comparison, Vice-President Biden maintains a 53% to 37% lead on handling coronavirus.

As of right now, 5.5.m Americans have been infected. Tragically, more than 173,204 have now died (as of August 20th). COVID-19, which has killed more Americans than WW1 and the Vietnam, Gulf and Korean Wars, is now the 3rd leading cause of death and every single American has been impacted in some way. As Governor Cuomo once said recently, the virus “doesn’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat”. It cuts across all divisions (party affiliation, professions, economic class, geographies, etc) so it stands to reason the COVID Voters will support the presidential candidate who is more trusted on handling the crisis and that is Joe Biden.

The emergence of the COVID Voter gained special prominence this past week during the Democratic National Convention. During the first night, Americans heard from Kristin Urquiza who made headlines in June with an obituary (in The Arizona Republic) that blamed politicians for the COVID-19 death of her father, Mark Anthony Urquiza. During a pre-taped speech on Monday night, Urquiza laid the blame on the president for the death of her father, who she said was a Trump supporter: “His only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump, and for that, he paid with his life,” she said.

There are hundreds thousands of Americans who have experienced the tragedy that struck the Urquiza family and millions more that have been directly impacted by COVID-19. Their grief and pain will be translated into political power this November as the vast majority of Americans look forward — and towards a new administration that will finally and effectively address the COVID-19 pandemic.

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