The Spirit of Volunteerism: A Catalyst for Change
By admin June 26, 2015



The importance of volunteers is evident in their ability to serve as essential components in International Development. In view of this, volunteers tend to be underestimated, if not undermined.


Richard Dictus, Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) remarked that we should place volunteerism as a key asset at all three levels of international engagement – be it the local, national or global in order to provide a space for constructive dialogue and capacity-building amongst volunteers


Active in 130 countries across the world, UNVs stand as catalysts for change, by way of accelerating institutional responsiveness, enhancing political participation and strengthening accountability. Kenya is at the helm of volunteerism. A new report covering an 18-month period was released by the UNV in Kenya, and highlighted the essence of volunteerism as a key component in dealing with social challenges.


Former President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings had echoed similar sentiments. He asserted that volunteerism exists in tandem with good governance. Moreover, President Rawlings added that effective governance and the development of any country is contingent on the skills of a wider population.


Kenyan Deputy President, William Ruto, emphasized the essence of volunteerism by underscoring that “in Kenya, we have a robust volunteerism spirit cutting across many organizations that make Kenya a country that understands and appreciates volunteerism”.

He went on to add that “As a government, we are in the process of concluding… a national volunteerism policy that will provide a police framework that will be consolidated in a legal framework that will give momentum for volunteers and the whole volunteerism fraternity.”


Ruto also reminded us that 40 Kenyan health workers helped in the fight against the Ebola crisis in West Africa on a volunteer-basis. In keeping with the health rhetoric, he added that Kenyan volunteers have also been active in fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kenyan communities, by means of providing support to those affected by the epidemic while at the same time acting as bridges between voiceless communities and the government.


Evidently, the spirit of volunteerism is vital in tackling the social challenges that so easily beset the continent. Ordinary citizens harness the power to change lives in their respective communities, ensuring sustainable social development.


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