The Importance of Girls Education in Global Development
By admin August 1, 2018

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As women and girls account for about half of the world’s population. Women are important members of their communities and critical facilitators of global development. However, due to lack of proper education, some girls are unable to reach their full potential. Girls are under-represented in schools, with a 4% gender gap in primary school enrollment and for every 100 boys in school, there are 122 girls out of school. The reasons for why girls are underrepresented varies from poverty to culture. Nonetheless, education is a critical area both for the empowerment of women and girls, as well as a country’s development.

The benefits of girls’ education are broad. Educated women are more likely to seek medical care for themselves and their families, more likely to stay in school longer, and are less likely to be vulnerable to sexual abuse or exploitation. Although these reasons, along with girls living a healthier and happier lives, should be sufficient to turn commitment into action, this is not the case. From the perspective of global development, girls’ education benefits both the individual person, as well as a country’s social and economic development. As girls’ education benefit us all, we must allocate resources to create sustainable and lasting change.


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