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TECHNOLOGY: True Broadband / Fiber Through the Air

Today, broadband Internet access has seemingly become universal for most. However, billions of people live in the Digital Divide due to the high costs associated with connecting the “final mile” — laying terrestrial fiber cables from the end of the fiber network to the user at the home/office. Case Study: To provide the rural and remote communities with internet access, TBG is working with a Broadband company that has the exclusive rights to construct and deploy patented Fiber Through the Air (FTTA) technology throughout all of Africa apart from two countries. This solution will provide fast and reliable internet up to 100mbps to anyone within a 100km radius of a base station, which is connected to a terrestrial fiber backbone. The FTTA technology is a proven solution, already deployed in the United States, Switzerland, Slovenia and other countries, that will ensure that all communities, regardless of location, have the ability to connect at broadband speed and leverage the power of the Internet. TBG is seeking investments to deploy the FTTA technology in major emerging markets. For more information, please contact Laura Wicks:

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