TBG’s Winter 2015 Internship Team!
By admin February 9, 2015

Ferreira Photo copy Alyssa Ferreira – New York University Abu Dhabi

Alyssa was born in the United States to a Korean mother and Portuguese father, and later moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she finished high school. Currently, Alyssa is living in the United Arab Emirates, where she is double majoring in Political Science and Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi. Through NYUAD, she has been able to live and study with students hailing from over 100 different countries, sparking her interest in a career in International Law, focusing on Human Rights. Before joining TBG, Alyssa’s professional experience ranged from administrative work in an academic setting, to social media and publicity management, to database navigation in an aluminum plant. In our rapidly globalizing world, intercultural collaboration is becoming increasingly important. Alyssa believes that TBG serves to facilitate this kind of cross-cultural dialogue through its work with international organizations and firms from all over the world.

Bianca photo copy Bianca Adewolu – University of Toronto

Bianca was born in Canada and is currently studying at the University of Toronto, specializing in International Affairs and Accounting and majoring in Economics. In addition, she completed a minor in French and has spent a summer abroad in France to master the French language. Bianca has research experience in the areas of business, economics, art, international affairs, and finance for the University of Toronto. Moreover, she contributed her research to a textbook (The Contemporary Business), which is widely used by business schools across Canada. Bianca has volunteered for various organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, and is currently the Vice-Director of Model United Nations at U of T. She is very passionate about aiding communities and individuals on a local and global spectrum, and creating bilateral/multilateral relations between countries and businesses. Bianca believes it is an important role for the efficient and effective development of the world and that pursing this internship at TGB aligns with her interests and will provide her the right tools to be successful in her field.

Bixue Photo copy Bixue Zhou – Columbia University

Bixue comes from China and is currently pursuing a Master of International Affairs degree at Columbia University concentrating on international finance. Before joining the TBG internship team, Bixue interned in the Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information of the United Nations Headquarters, where she helped with the financial budget, human resources and other management work. Prior to that, she interned with several private sector companies including Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Shenyin & Wanguo Securities and Ernst & Young Advisory Limited. With the background of a combination of international development and private business, Bixue became interested in facilitating the international development and international cooperation of both the public and private sectors. Bixue believes TBG is the perfect place for her to gain relevant experience. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from Tsinghua University in China and can speak fluent Mandarin and English.

Chris Photo copy Chris Parmly – Florida International University

Chris is a French-American dual citizen, born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in several European countries before moving to the United States during middle school. He has a B.A. in International Relations from American University, and is currently working on an M.A. in the same field at Florida International University, with a focus on the Middle Eastern region and particularly Iran. After finishing his degree, he hopes to work for the U.S. government, either in the Foreign Service, USAID or the defense sector, though he is also open to working for other employers in the same fields. Chris has previously worked for employers including the United Nations, U.S. State Department, and Export-Import Bank of the United States, and hopes that the TBG internship will allow him to gain further experience especially in the field of international development. Chris is fluent in English and French, at the intermediate level in German, and also trying to learn Persian.

Danite photo copy Danite Arefaine – American University of Paris

Danite was born in Zalambessa, Ethiopia and at the age of two, she and her family migrated to the United States where they would live in California, and years later relocated to Colorado. When she was eighteen and deciding where the next chapter of her life would play out, Danite came across the opportunity to combine her interest of traveling, international affairs, and new cultures at The American University of Paris (AUP). She also took the advantage of being in close proximity to many other countries and spent a semester in Berlin attending classes at New York University (NYU) while also fulfilling an internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Danite has recently graduated from AUP after completing her Bachelors degree in International Comparative Politics, with a minor in International Law. Her interest in international development, rule of law, and post-conflict resolution has followed her through her years of study, and will continue to follow her as she pursues to integrate these three fields in order to contribute for the better of humankind.

Mary Photo copy Mary Shen – George Washington University

Mary was born and raised in China. She started her undergrad in China majoring in English before transferring to Vanderbilt University in her junior year to study Political Science. She is currently pursuing a Masters’ degree in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. She has a passion for Democracy and Governance, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development. Mary previously interned at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on entrepreneurship and volunteered in Senegal at a community school. Upon finishing her Masters’ degree, Mary would like to work for an International Development Organization. She speaks Chinese, English and French.

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