Our Vision:

To leverage our business, political and cultural insights and become the trusted leader in Sustainable Trade and Development between the Americas, EU, Asia and Africa.

Our Mission:

Our mission is threefold: to provide a seamless and transparent exporting process for North/South American exporters and African importers; to provide a competitive pricing structure to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship; and to implement Sustainable Trade and Development solutions that empower institutions, companies and communities alike.

Our Unique Approach:

By combining the capabilities of an experienced International Development firm and a proven Import/ Export company, we are able to provide key insights and create sustainable Trade and Development solutions that boost the bottom line while improving the quality of life.

Export + Business Management (E+B) System:

Through our Export Management System, we provide a range of integrated services:

Access to Finance; Business Advisory; Business Counseling; Business Linkages; Business Plan Development; Capacity Building; Corporate Strategy; Due Diligence; Facilitating Market Entry; Growth Management; Knowledge and Skills Management; Legal Advisory; Project Development and Finance; Training; Value Chain Development; Market Site Visits and more.

Trade + Development (T+D) System:

Through our proprietary Trade + Development system, we provide a unique blend of customized consulting and technical assistance services so that our clients can implement projects, access decision-makers, create long-term partnerships and implement sustainable solutions in target markets:

Capacity Development for Public/Private Partnerships; Coalition Building; Community Development; CSR Program Development & Implementation; Market Transformation Assistance; Public-Private Partnerships Development; Technical Assistance & Project Management; Trade Facilitation; Investment Support; Sector Partnerships and more.

We provide a comprehensive suite of products that are designed to drive sustainable development across all sectors and improve the quality of life across the African continent.

  • Agribusiness
    Inorganic fertilizer; organic fertilizer; agricultural machinery and equipment; and storage silos.
  • Energy
    Solar power installation; pumps for power generation, mining, oil & gas and construction; power transformer tanks; fans, butterfly valves and radiators for power transformers and other applications.
  • Healthcare
    Medical digital x-ray equipment; and various used medical equipment.
  • IT & High-Tech
    Wireless technology design and communication; and computer equipment.
  • Industrial Supplies
    Engines and parts for heavy equipment; industrial and specialty chemicals; conveyor belt systems; synthetic resins; industrial and high performance paints; traffic marking paints; and hot dip galvanizing.
  • Infrastructure Development
    Low cost sustainable buildings; reinforcement steel and related products; cement and related products; gantries and half gantries (large road signs); road poles (stop signs, caution signs, directional signs, etc.); road guard rails; and lumber products, doors, windows, roofing or any other item related to residential or commercial building construction.
  • Manufacturing
    High-speed packaging machinery for food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
  • Security & Defense
    Blast mitigation products for defense and commercial use; ballistic armor products; armored vehicles and trucks; and security patrol boats.

Get in Touch!

If you would like to find out more about our Trade division or if you have trade-related opportunities to share, send an email (to: info@bassiounigroup.com) with “Trade” in the subject line.