Syrian Children’s living condition in Jordan
By admin February 26, 2018

UNICEF intends to study refugees’ conditions in Jordan camps. (AFP/ File Photo)

If you live in a peaceful country, it is sometimes hard to imagine, at this time, there is a generation of children who are still living with the fear of bombings, starvation and illness on the other side of the world. As the Syria civil war comes to its eighth year, children born on this land do not know or can hardly remember what a normal childhood should be like.

According to The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 85 percent of Syrian refugee children in Jordan live in poverty and are struggling to meet their most basic needs for life. About 38 percent of Syrian refugee children were absent from school and even worse, three-fourths of them lack of enough food. In addition, nearly half of all children under five years of age cannot receive appropriate medical care.

Currently, there are 8.6 million Syrian children in need of aid, and about one third of them are refugees. The study found that 94 percent of the Syrian refugees in Jordan under the age of five lacked at least two basic guarantees, which are access to health care and pre-school education. Within this group, 45 percent of people do not have adequate health care, such as vaccinations. The UNICEF Jordanian representative Robert Jenkins, said the results were based on hundreds of families of the 660,000 registered Syrian refugees in Jordan.

According to official data, the total number of registered and unregistered Syrian refugees in Jordan is about 1.3 million. Approximately 5.5 million Syrians have fled the foreign-backed armed forces, most of whom live in neighboring countries such as Jordan to avoid the war. Jenkins stressed that “with the unparalleled massive scale of the Syria crisis and its prolonged nature, Jordan needs continued support in order to manage the impact of this crisis and meet the needs of vulnerable children.” He also says U.N. children’s program in Jordan is still short of 145.7 million dollars this year and urges more countries to come forward and donate money.

In June 2016, Jordan blocked the border with Syria, which interrupted the United Nations route from Jordan to the displaced Syrians, who struggled to survive in a remote part of the desert. Earlier last month, however, Jordan agreed with the United Nations to provide humanitarian assistance to thousands of displaced Syrian refugees, who were stranded in the border area with Syria.


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