Case Studies

Review of the UNICEF BNLSS Programme and Operations Business Model

TBG recently undertook a strategic review of the UNICEF presence in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, and South Africa (BNLSS) to assess the extent to which the programmes and operations of these five Country Offices (COs) were fit for purpose. Being fit for purpose requires UNICEF to shift its resource requirements to reflect the reduced access to traditional ODA that accompany the BNLSS countries’ classification and its operational modalities to suit the six core roles it has identified for cooperation in the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. The review led to recommendations by TBG experts of a number of alternative programmes and operating models that aid in effectively utilizing limited resources of the COs, undertaking the COs programme work, finding areas of joint collaboration and outlining the management mechanisms of joint work and funding between these countries.  TBG consultants further suggested the most favorable UNICEF presence in BNLSS, spotlighting programmatic and operational areas while proposing a change management approach. This approach will lay the groundwork for the transition into a new model that factors country focus and the areas of joint work. TBG’s recommendation will contribute to the overall effective use of existing resources and strengthen capacity in the region through alternative business models that incorporate Joint Programming into the BNLSS Country Offices.

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