Responding to the Increasing Threats from ISIS
By admin August 20, 2014


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),  also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or just the Islamic State has been committing serious atrocities in both Iraq and Syria, and currently by beheading a US journalist as a threat to the United States.  ISIS is a jihadist group that spun off of Al-Qaeda has declared a caliphate of strict Shariah law, declaring that everyone will either convert to their beliefs or die.  This has resulted in thousands of deaths, rapes, kidnappings and torture of minority ethnic and religious groups in the Kurdish region of Iraq and northern regions of Syria.  The militant group has taken control of villages, towns, and cities and those who did not flee were killed, leaving whole minority groups with nothing left.

In response to ISIS’s actions, the United States initiated a military air strike campaign against ISIS forces in Iraq earlier this month.  The campaign has allowed the Kurdish government to regain control of many of the areas and saved thousands from ISIS threats.  But ISIS’s ambitions are to control the whole region, and possibly move into Europe, and the United States’ actions against them are hindering their progress.  This reason is what led ISIS to behead journalist, James Foley, stating that if the United States did not stop targeting ISIS they would also behead Miami journalist, Steven Sotloff, who was kidnapped while reporting in Syria.  Former CIA deputy director, Mike Morell, stated that this should not stop the United States from taking action against ISIS and that the beheading of James Foley was the first time ISIS conducted an act of terrorism directly against the United States.  In a statement made earlier today, President Obama stated that the international community is appalled by ISIS’s actions and will take the necessary steps to ensure ISIS does not take over the region.

Unfortunately, ISIS is one of the strongest, most state-like terrorist organizations to date and will be difficult to defeat without it being treated as a state.  The group has over 50,000 members, with up to 1,000 holding Western passports.  This fact brings an added threat to the United States and other Western nations who are taking action against ISIS.  Along with this, the Al-Qaeda faction in Yemen has recently expressed their support to ISIS, stating they will provide all of the support to ISIS’s mission that they can.

Currently, the United Nations, the United States, the Iraqi government, and the Kurdish government have all called for international assistance in controlling ISIS.  They are working to eliminate ISIS from Iraq but so far little attention has been played to the other half of the group working in Syria.  Until recently, the Assad government allowed ISIS to fight against the moderates who are also fighting against the Assad government, however now ISIS is hindering the government’s efforts to regain control of certain cities, including Aleppo.  Now, the Assad government has also been conducting military air strike campaigns, very similar to the United States’ in Iraq, to keep ISIS forces from gaining control of any more territory.  The British government has also acknowledged the necessity for them to try to prevent more of their citizens from joining ISIS, as it is currently estimated that at least 400 British nationals have joined the group.  As of right now it is unknown what the United States and international community will do to respond to the latest ISIS threats, but it has been acknowledged worldwide that this radical jihadist group needs to be stopped and stopped fast.


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