Prospect of Failure Grows in the Run Up to the Paris Climate Change Conference
By admin June 7, 2015



The Paris Climate Change Conference aims to unite 190 countries in order to discuss new global agreements on reducing global greenhouse emissions and climate change. Current commitments on greenhouse gas emissions expire in 2020 and there is a perceived need to collectively produce fresh agreements on what happens for the next decade, or even beyond that.

This event is one of the biggest international conferences to be organised in France, and is a priority for the Elysée given its geopolitical and media impact. The success of these talks are seen to be important for the French President François Holland who is in need of some success as his 5 year presidency comes to an end. The failure of the Paris Climate Change Conference would be a nightmare scenario for Mr Hollande, but remains a tangible reality as opposition by the US and China to limit greenhouse emissions caused a breakdown in similar talks in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Discussions opened on Monday 1st June 2015 under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) in Bonn, which will be followed by two other preparatory rounds at COP21 with the objective of reaching a draft agreement for the beginning of October. The problem is that the text in circulation, with more than a hundred pages in French, does not come close to the advocated objectives of the Paris Climate Change Conference.

After Switzerland who on 27th February became the first country to present its contribution, 36 states – of which 28 are members of the EU – have announced their commitments on reducing greenhouse gases. Washington has promised a 28% reduction by 2015, a figure that corresponds to other agreements made between the US and China in March.

Nevertheless major differences remain over the binding nature of the modes of control and funding mechanisms to allow the most vulnerable and developing states to meet the climate challenge.

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