Power Play: Jessica O. Matthews Harnessing Kinetic Renewable Energy to Light the World
By admin April 15, 2019

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What if you could generate power by kicking around a soccer ball? Jessica O. Matthews, founder and CEO of Uncharted Power, formerly known as Uncharted Play, did just that with SOCCKET, a portable power-generating soccer ball designed to promote physical activity and spread awareness about the global energy problem.

Matthews, a dual citizen of Nigeria and the United States, was inspired by her trips to Nigeria where she witnessed the lack of reliable electricity and the joy of people playing soccer. SOCCKET uses a proprietary technology called M.O.R.E., (Motion-based, Off-grid, Renewable Energy) for microgeneration systems. PULSE jump ropes, created after the SOCCKET, are another product that uses M.O.R.E. technology. The technology can be installed into almost anything that moves, such as strollers, skateboards, and subway turnstiles. The energy stored, can then be used to charge a phone or power a lamp after sundown.

Changing the way people interact with energy starts with changing energy infrastructure. Many communities living with limited access to electricity and connection to a grid end up using kerosene for cooking and lighting. When the lights went out at Matthews’ aunt’s wedding in Nigeria, diesel generators and kerosene lamps became the quick fix. Matthews was bothered so much by the fumes that she had to find a better alternative. Diesel generators and kerosene lamp fumes are air pollutants and cause adverse health effects, ranging from eye and nose irritation to respiratory disease. The ultimate goal for Uncharted Power, headquartered in Harlem, NY is to democratize energy worldwide. Matthews wants to offer energy that is clean and low-cost while addressing the infrastructure challenges to access light.

The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) coordinates and manages the rural electrification activities and funds in Nigeria. The agency has been implementing projects that focus on grid extension but in recent times have included more off-grid renewable energy systems to accelerate the pace of development. Primary types of existing utility-scale renewable energy projects in Nigeria include using hydroelectric dams, solar photovoltaic, and biomass. Nigeria can explore more avenues of renewable energy production and reduce its dependence on oil and coal.

Jessica O. Matthews gained recognition early on, winning the Scientist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation, Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year, Forbes 30 under 30, and Fortune’s Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs awards. In 2016, Matthews raised $7 million, the largest Series A funding ever raised by a black female founder. Half of her staff is women, and about 30-40 percent of the team is Black or Latinix. She is working with different manufacturers, governments, NGOs, and companies to achieve her mission of building embedded renewable energy that is accessible to all.


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