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Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now at the core of business strategy and operations and TBG Purpose is the preferred partner for corporations, institutions and governments. We provide customized CSR solutions rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we guide our clients toward the most strategic and impactful Sustainability practices while offering innovative tools to maximize impact in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We believe that good business is good business. Scroll below for more information on how we can help  your organization and let’s connect.

Diversity & Inclusion Solutions:

As a New York-based, African-American-owned company with a global reach across 150 countries, TBG/TBG Purpose maintains a unique perspective on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). We work with corporations of all sizes to deliver unique D&I solutions including:
  • D&I Diagnostic Assessment — We conduct rapid diagnostic assessments to provide a clear picture of your D&I status.
  • D&I Strategy Development — We develop strategies based on best practices, strategic priorities, corporate objectives and deep workforce and community engagement.
  • D&I Program Development and Implementation — We work with senior executives to develop and implement core programs that are measured, monitored, and optimized over time.
  • D&I Learning Solutions — We develop learning solutions based on interactive, in-person, all- or half-day session leaders through a hands-on inclusion curriculum focused on inclusive leadership.
  • D&I Partnership Development — We leverage our insights and community relationships to develop strategic partnerships for long-term engagement.
  • D&I (Diversity & Sensitivity) Workshops — Our workshops help people understand how unconscious bias undermines diversity and inclusion, effective decision-making, collaboration, and management.
  • D&I Investment Solutions — We work with corporations and investment partners to develop investment projects focused on minority communities.
  • D&I Multicultural Marketing Focus Group — We work with marketing agencies and (in-house) marketing professionals to identify and address potential issues in the production and design stages.
We believe that Black Lives Matter (#BLM) and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with protesters who are fighting for racial, social and economic justice. We are dedicated to eradicating racism and committed to working with corporations that are equally committed to change. If you are a C-suite executive, we encourage you to take the first step: Take our 1min Diversity & Inclusion Quiz to see where your company stands.


How We Can Help You:

As a Sustainability-based company that sits in the nexus between Government, Industry, Business and Finance, TBG is uniquely qualified to help its clients to develop, execute, and measure D&I, CSR programs and SDG alignment. We maintain a core team of CSR experts located on five continents, CSR Leaders – one of the largest CSR communities online, as well as a global network with over 500 experts and 18 practice groups. This unique offering enables us to support our clients with industry-specific expertise and global coverage.
Instead of matching your business with a standard mandate, we empower you to write your own definition of CSR based on your core mission and TruePurpose℠. We assist you in developing and implementing your CSR program while formulating a reporting framework that is best aligned with your goals. Given our roots in Global Sustainability and extensive track record working with global institutions, we are uniquely positioned to develop strategic partnerships and programs that address our clients’ core communities and stakeholders.

Our Process:

We implement TruePurpose℠, a proprietary process consisting of five key steps – Assess, Develop, Implement, Evaluate, and Improve – as well as an overall benchmarking and scoring system. This process includes an overall assessment of strategy, culture and processes; and audit of CSR tools and systems; program development and implementation; tracking progress and measuring impact; ongoing training; and, more.

Our Services:

We provide a range of services:
  • Assess
    • Audit & Diagnosis
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Benchmarking Research
    • Risk Assessment
    • Supply Chain Assessment
    • TruePurpose℠ Scoring System for Program Assessment
  • Develop
    • CSR Strategy Development
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Report Preparation & Development
    • Identification of Performance Indicators
    • Sustainability Strategy and Policy Development
    • Cause Marketing/Branding & Communications Planning
  • Implement
    • CSR Program Implementation
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Employee Engagement
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Activist Engagement & Response
    • Reporting Guidance
    • TruePurpose℠ Scoring System for CSR Program and Implementation
  • Evaluate
    • Independent Audit and Assurance of CSR/Sustainability Reports
    • Ongoing Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
    • Analytics & Digital Measurement
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Report Audits and Development
    • Thematic and Regional Assessments
    • TruePurpose℠ Scoring System for CSR Program Evaluation
  • Improve
    • Advisory Services
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Guidance on Global Frameworks (e.g. GRI, UN Global Compact)
    • Benchmarking Research
    • Sustainability Progress Reports
    • Team Training/Education
    • NGO Portfolio Access (proprietary)
    • TruePurpose℠ Scoring System for CSR Program Improvement
Using qualitative and quantitative methods gleaned from our work with international institutions and governments, we periodically survey the efficacy of CSR initiatives and provide recommendations for the adjustment of programs where necessary.
We also work with firms to create the in-house capacity to develop, execute, and monitor CSR-related programs. This process includes employee training in customized Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) techniques, analyses of global standards frameworks, CSR training, and extended access to our partner portfolio (comprised of INGOs and corporations) for future projects.

Core Team and Project Management & Technical Team:

The core TBG Purpose Team is comprised of highly experienced CSR/Sustainability experts from North America, the UK & Europe, Asia, and Africa & MENA with coverage of all key sectors including Finance, Energy, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Natural Resources, Pharmaceutical and more. Most importantly, our core team has experience in the corporate, governmental and nonprofit sectors. Following are some key members of our team:
  • Carla Higgs – Carla has over 15 years of experience leading and delivering on a range of social responsibility, environmental and sustainability initiatives. Her work has focused on socio-environmental assessments and strategy development, and within the non-profit sector.
  • Heather Rankin – Heather has over 15 years of experience in strategy and policy development, research and analysis, reporting, communications and engagement. Her cross-sector expertise ranges  from food & beverage to engineering, natural resources and technology.
  • Jan Buckingham  – Jan has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing CSR, environmental, and sustainability policies and strategies for large multinational corporations.
  • Lili Hussey – Lili has over 20 years of experience as a Sustainability Leader focused on influencing impact, client/stakeholder engagement, employee engagement, and business process improvement.
  • Mangala Tambe – Mangala has over 18 years of experience working on sustainable development and social programs across multiple sectors including oil & gas, textiles, and healthcare.
In addition to the core team, the TBG Project Management & Technical Team, based in the United States, provides oversight and guidance for the development and execution of every project. This team works alongside the TBG Purpose Team to ensure optimal outcomes and client satisfaction. Our international partners play a key role in developing regional, local, and thematic information briefs to ensure that companies are well informed, as well as assist in identifying strategic partners for CSR programs. Local partners also help monitor the progress of projects and work together with the TBG Team to engage relevant national, regional and local stakeholders.

CSR Leaders:

TBG co-founded CSR Leaders back in 2012 to create a global community of CSR professionals and encourage the sharing of knowledge, best practices and innovations. Today, the group includes over 8,000 professionals and practitioners worldwide covering numerous industries and sectors. As we continue to move forward in 2020 and beyond, TBG Purpose will ensure CSR Leaders remains an active and engaged community that is committed to showcasing the very best in global CSR/Sustainability.
Local and Global CSR/Sustainability Solutions for Maximum Impact

Corporate Heroes — Fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic impacting and transforming lives all over the world, there has never been a more important time for corporations to demonstrate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship through action. We e are tracking all of the companies (like LVMH, Dyson, Hanes, Peloton, Ford, Bauer-Hockey, Beiersdorf etc) that are taking measures to support the public in this time of great need.  Join in and help us to keep this list updated — email us and use the #CorporateHeroes hashtag on social media.

CSR/Sustainability Resources:

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