TBG Capital is an Investment vehicle focused on Venture Capital and Project Finance. We work with startups in fast-growing sectors such as Artificial Intelligence and Cleantech; we link global investors to untapped opportunities in fast-growing sectors/segments; we help investors to navigate opportunities in Emerging and Frontier markets; and we build long-term investments around Sustainability, Innovation and Impact. Our work on this front is focused around Venture Capital in OECD markets (scaling startups for global growth) and Project Finance in emerging/frontier markets.

  • Venture Capital — TBG/TBG Capital has partnered with PyCap and BGS Ventures to establish Global Conduit Ventures (“GCV”), a venture capital investment vehicle that seeks to generate the highest returns possible by investing in early-stage technology companies, and growing them through its Global Expansion Program. We also provide customized solutions to startups via our Rocket program. See below for more information.

  • Project Finance – We work with investment partners to help fund unique projects with proven management teams, strong cash flows, competitive market positions and high corporate governance standards. We primarily focus our efforts on key emerging/frontier markets in Central Asia, ASEAN/Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and MENA.

  • Investment Phases – Our VC practice focuses on post-seed, early-stage funding — preferably with companies that have a proven business model and market traction. On the Project Finance side, we participate with investment partners in larger financing rounds for high-growth companies and exceptional projects. Regardless of the size of our initial investment, we are committed to supporting  companies as a long-term partner for growth.

  • Targeted Sectors – We prioritize the following sectors: Agribusiness & AgTech, Artificial Intelligence/AI, Consumer Goods, Cleantech, Energy & Environment, Healthcare & Healthcare, ICT & Mobile, PropTech, Industrials/Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Logistics, Natural Resource, Utilities & Power.

Global Conduit Ventures (VC Fund):

TBG/TBG Capital has partnered with PyCap and BGS Ventures to establish Global Conduit Ventures (“GCV”), a venture capital investment vehicle that seeks to generate the highest returns possible by investing in early-stage technology companies, and growing them through its Global Expansion Program. GCV looks to achieve liquidity events with its portfolio companies through strategic acquisitions, IPO, reverse takeovers, and securitized token offerings by working in association with GCV’s partnering investment banks, multinational corporations and institutional investors. GCV will also help its portfolio companies create a positive social, economic and environmental impact where possible. To find out more about GCV and gain access to our presentation, contact:

Email — David Solomon Bassiouni (

Email — Stuart Browne (

ROCKET (Customized Solutions for Startups):

If you’re a startup founder or small business owner, you know the sobering statistics all too well: 90% of startups fail. So, how can you make sure you are part of the 10%? Will you take the right steps to succeed or become another statistic in the startup graveyard? Have no fear — Rocket is here.

TBG Capital’s Rocket program is specifically designed for extraordinary entrepreneurs and dynamic startups/small businesses that are focused on maximizing potential and propelling growth. Through Rocket, we provide a mix of services including Fundraising Support (Startup Capital, Growth Capital); Strategic Counsel; Business Support; Corporate Finance; Legal Counsel; Partnership Development and more.

We offer three packages for companies at various stages of evolution and growth. Take a look below and then get in touch to find out more about the Rocket program.

1. ROCKETFUEL (Standard) — This is our starter package for new startups.  Get all of the basic support you need from fundraising to business support and legal counsel.

2. LAUNCHER  (Advanced) — Our Launcher package is designed for startups that are ready to accelerate and scale-up. Get the hands-on help you need with a global team of sector experts.

3. BOOSTER (Premium) — Our Booster program is designed to take your startup to the next level. Get the hands-on attention and guidance you need from a dedicated account team.

Get in Touch:

We encourage interested investors and entrepreneurs/business managers to contact us. Just send an email with “TBG Capital” in the subject line and send a brief one-page investment teaser (summary) as well as your corporate profile and executive biography.

Current Highlights:

Artificial Intelligence (Global):

Through Global Conduit Ventures, TBG, PyCap and BSG have prioritized AI-/technology-driven companies across various sectors with a view to investing in startups that can be scaled globally. We currently maintain a shortlist of 20 (prospective portfolio) companies and we continue to identify unique opportunities worldwide. The AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, according to research firm Markets and Markets (source); global spending on cognitive and AI systems will reach $57.6 billion in 2021, according to market research firm IDC (source); IDC predicts 40% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services by 2019 (source); IDC forecasts 75% of commercial enterprise apps will use AI by 2021; China will reap the most economic benefit from AI by 2030, followed by North America (source).

Cleantech/Energy & Environment (America, Europe, ASEAN, MENA,  SS Africa):

TBG has engaged a number of innovative companies in the Cleantech/Energy & Environment space. This includes companies that are delivering solutions in key sub-segments including Solar, Renewable Energy Storage, and Smart Building technology for residential and commercial properties. The World Bank and the Carbon Trust analyzed the market for 15 emerging clean technology sectors in the developing world and concluded that investments in these sectors are estimated to reach up to US$6.4 trillion over the coming decade. The pace of growth will continue as countries commit to the achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees Celsius in line with the Paris Agreement.

Sustainable Rubber/Manufacturing (Central Asia/Eurasia):

TBG is a key partner in the KZ-Rubber Project, which is focused on establishing a Sustainable, TKS-Dandelion Rubber industry — starting with a pilot factory in Kazakhstan. Our project is the successor to the EU-funded Drive4EU Project, which successfully demonstrated the commercial viability of TKS-based rubber and an alternative rubber supply chain for the EU market. Rubber is utilized in over 40,000 products and the market for alternative rubber is expected to reach $34billion by 2022.