Diversity & Inclusion Solutions:

As a New York-based, African-American-owned company with a global reach across 150 countries, TBG/TBG Purpose maintains a unique perspective on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). We work with corporations of all sizes to deliver unique D&I solutions including:
  • D&I Diagnostic Assessment — We conduct rapid diagnostic assessments to provide a clear picture of your D&I status.
  • D&I Strategy Development — We develop strategies based on best practices, strategic priorities, corporate objectives and deep workforce and community engagement.
  • D&I Program Development and Implementation — We work with senior executives to develop and implement core programs that are measured, monitored, and optimized over time.
  • D&I Learning Solutions — We develop learning solutions based on interactive, in-person, all- or half-day session leaders through a hands-on inclusion curriculum focused on inclusive leadership.
  • D&I Partnership Development — We leverage our insights and community relationships to develop strategic partnerships for long-term engagement.
  • D&I (Diversity & Sensitivity) Workshops — Our workshops help people understand how unconscious bias undermines diversity and inclusion, effective decision-making, collaboration, and management.
  • D&I Investment Solutions — We work with corporations and investment partners to develop investment projects focused on minority communities.
  • D&I Multicultural Marketing Focus Group — We work with marketing agencies and (in-house) marketing professionals to identify and address potential issues in the production and design stages.


We believe that Black Lives Matter (#BLM) and we are dedicated to working with corporations to identify/eliminate racism and ensure diversity and inclusion. If you are a C-suite executive, we encourage you to take the first step: Take our 1min Diversity & Inclusion Quiz to see where your company stands.

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