Most Vaccinated Countries (Updated: June 2, 2021)
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Interested in finding out which countries are making the most progress in terms of the COVID vaccine rollout? Here are updated lists ranking the most vaccinated by total population and percentage of population vaccinated.

Table A: Total Population Vaccinated

Country Total Pop. Vaccinated
1. United States 296.4m
2. India 213.14m
3. Brazil 68.24m
4. United Kingdom 65.21m
5. Germany 51.54m
6. France 36.78m
7. Italy 35.44m
8. Canada 24.17m
9. Chile 18.68m
10. Israel 10.59m


Table B: Percentage of Population Vaccinated

Country Percentage  of Pop. Vaccinated
1. Israel 62.96%
2. United Kingdom 58.01%
3. Canada 56.86%
4. Chile 55.08%
5. United States 50.15%
6. Germany 43.25%
7. Italy 38.38%
8. France 37.67%
9. Brazil 21.21%
10. India 12%



SourceChart showing most (COVID) vaccinated countries


New York Times

The U.S. inches closer to Biden’s vaccination goal, making gains among teenagers and the hard-to-reach.

While the pace of vaccinations in the United States has slowed, the nation is getting closer to the July 4 benchmark set by President Biden as it makes progress inoculating adolescents and those living in underserved communities.

The biggest gains in recent weeks have been made in vaccinating 12- to 15-year-olds, who became eligible for shots earlier this month, according to a New York Times analysis of data. And there has been progress in reaching some groups, including Latinos and people without college degrees, with the highest rates of vaccine hesitancy, according to the Kaiser Foundation.

All of these factors, along with a shift in the national strategy, are keeping the United States on pace to reach Mr. Biden’s goal of having 70 percent of the adult population get at least one shot by July 4. So far, 62 percent of adult Americans are there.

Vaccinated Americans have been encouraged to enjoy a summer that would have seemed unlikely last year. Americans are flying at rates not seen in about a year, many with plans to mingle among large crowds at parades and barbecues this Memorial Day weekend, the usual start of the summer in the United States.

People who are on the fence about getting a shot are more likely to get one if it is as easy as walking into a local pharmacy without an appointment, said Dr. Taison Bell, a critical care and infectious disease physician at the University of Virginia. Shifting resources away from the mass vaccination sites at stadiums to mobile clinics is starting to pay off, he said.

“The folks who were wait and see have seen the positive benefits,” Dr. Bell said, as their friends and family restart activities many put on hold for nearly a year. Even if they don’t believe in vaccines they don’t want to miss out, he said. “People are a lot more motivated.”

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