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Long Term Agreement for Documentation Specialists

In 2015, TBG was awarded the Long Term Agreement by UNICEF’s East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) to research, analyze and document UNICEF’s practice and approach. To support regional policy development TBG will provide UNICEF with timely and concise case studies, briefs on good practices, lessons learned and innovate approaches recommended by core members of TBG and its senior level consultants. In providing these key documentation tools TBG will aid in UNICEF’s organizational learning, strengthen partnership and demonstrate accountability. Additionally, by employing a more targeted approach to documentation UNICEF may be better able to facilitate learning around specific regional priorities and key thematic issues, which will have a paramount role in decision-making across the region. Already TBG has begun working with UNICEF EAPRO through the project titled “Telling the Equity Story in the East Asia and the Pacific Region.” This project will develop high-quality publications to tell the equity story from the perspective of national counterparts and stakeholders in the regions overall transformation from poverty to prosperity.

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