Is the U.S. Experiencing a COVID-19 Second Wave? Nope, the U.S. is Still Stuck In the First Wave
By admin June 17, 2020

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As of right now, 21 U.S. states are experiencing a spike in infections. So, is the U.S. experiencing a second wave? No. Despite the Trump administration’s posturing, the U.S. is actually still deep in the throes of the first wave.

NPR notes the following: “Just weeks after parts of the U.S. began reopening, coronavirus infections are on the upswing in several states, including Arizona, Utah, Texas and Florida. Dramatic increases in daily case counts have given rise to some unsettling questions: Is the U.S. at the start of a second wave? Have states reopened too soon? And have the recent widespread demonstrations against racial injustice inadvertently added fuel to the fire?”

New Cases are Spiking:

“The short, unpleasant answer to the first question is that the U.S. has not even gotten through the current first wave of infections. Since peaking at around 31,000 average new daily cases on April 10, new daily cases dropped to around 22,000 on average by mid-May and have stayed almost steady over the last four weeks. Nationwide more than 800 people continue to die day after day.”

Forecast is Grim:

Prominent forecasters are predicting a slow but steady accumulation of additional deaths between now and Oct. 1 — more than 56,000 by one estimate, around 90,000 by one another.

“We really never quite finished the first wave,” says Dr. Ashish Jha, a professor of global health at Harvard University. “And it doesn’t look like we are going to anytime soon.”

The danger of a second wave emerging in the Autumn is far more likely now. Many of the states that opened early or too quickly are dealing with rising cases. The key example is Florida, which has now experienced a daily total record high since the start of the pandemic with a total of 80,109 confirmed cases.

We could be looking at the likelihood of the Midwest and the South surging while the Northeast emerges on a far stronger footing. Sadly, prioritizing politics over Public Health seems to be the modus operandi.

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