Is Human Feces the Future of Clean Energy?
By admin October 23, 2014

Kibera bio centre

The slums of Kenya, according to The Guardian, are covered in human waste. Members of Kenya’s slums do not have an adequate amount of toilets so they defecate in bags and then to discard the bags they throw them out of their homes and onto the streets. These Kenyan citizens do not know that feces, thanks to the Umande trust and Sanergy, two companies focused on renewal energy, is a renewable resource in order to create biogas that is used to create electricity.

Umande has created bio-centers or toilet facilities where people could defecate for a fee and Umande uses digesters that break down the feces and turns it into methane gas, which is then sold back to the Kenyans so that they can power their homes. Sanergy also has toilets that the public can use.  They also charge Kenyans to defecate in their toilets and in exchange they sell the biogas created. The bio-slurry left behind is then used as fertilizer for crops.

Biogas is identified to be one of the clean energies of the future. It is not a completely new concept. For thousands of years Chinese and Japanese people have composted their own feces and used it as fertilizer. By doing this they never polluted their drinking water because they did not flush their feces down the toilet. However, biogas production is now being funded by the Gates Foundation and other charities in order to solve pollution and energy problems.

Aside from the aforementioned problems, another issue being tackled by the excess feces is unemployment. The companies, Sanergy and Umande, contract people in order to maintain and run their bio centers and individual toilets all throughout Nairobi. If the projects are successful, Kenya will benefit from inexpensive fuel and cleaner streets and in the long run, help their people have another source of employment by producing clean energy.


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