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Geographic and Demographic Survey of two States in South Sudan to Determine Possible Options for the Delivery of Basic production sector, livelihood, literacy and numeracy skills to Pastoralist Communities, with specific reference to Cattle Camps

TBG undertook the comprehensive Geographic and Demographic Survey of the two States of Northern Bahr el Gazal and The Lakes in South Sudan to determine the possible options for the delivery of basic production sector, livelihood, and numeracy skills to pastoralist communities, with a specific reference to cattle camps. The survey aimed to provide evidence for targeted programmatic interventions in delivering basic skills through the Pastoralist Field School (PFS) Approach; identify the geographical areas and the population (disaggregated by gender and age cohorts) to be reached by the programme during wet and dry seasons and at the household and cattle camp level; and, develop a tested methodology to be used during the PFS programme for assessing communities at the inception phase and during the programme cycle to implement and identify relevant and appropriate methodologies and types of curricula to be delivered. Along with this, TBG also developed a 36-month PFS implementation plan to be utilized in the cattle camps identified as suitable candidates. The project will contribute to the economic and social development of South Sudan, especially within the pastoralist community as well as harness the skills and knowledge already experienced by the communities. Most importantly, the project will be used as a comprehensive resource and reference work to guide FAO’s implementation of Pastoralist Education programmes and their development within South Sudan and globally.

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