The Future Investment Initiative (#FII) Conference got underway today in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and it was an excellent first day. Congratulations to the FII Institute and the Public investment Fund in Riyadh and around the world for assembling such great panelists and content. Great to see the ongoing implementation of Vision 2030 and and KSA’s strategy interwoven with developments in the global economy.

Under the thematic umbrella of the “Neo-Renaissance,” the “two-day Davos-style investment forum, included dozens of global policy makers and business [leaders] lined up to speak at the largely virtual event amid the coronavirus pandemic. Only 200 of around 8,000 registered delegates attended in-person, while around 100 speakers are set to participate virtually with 50 present physically. ”

The first day featured a number of excellent panels and discussion around Sustainability and ESG-focused investment, fusing Sustainability + Innovation + Impact, a *standardized* ESG global framework, economic diversification, inclusive growth, digitalization and the regulatory reset as keys to the economic recovery (post-COVID). These key elements are pivotal to rebounding after the #GreatReset, rebuilding a more resilient global economy and launching the New Green Economy.

As a company with UN/SDG roots, we have said for years that Sustainability is not just a “nice thing”. It’s good business. It’s smart business and it’s the most important economic driver. Tackling Climate Change opportunity alone is a $26 trillion growth opportunity and 2021 is poised to be a major year for Sustainability-driven investment and activist managers. It comes down to smart and visionary leaders who understand the intersecting issues and can seize on the opportunities. NASDAQ President & CEO Adena Friedman said it well when she noted that progress in ESG investment should be matched by progress in Social drivers such as Diversity and Inclusion.

Stay tuned for additional coverage and analysis.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: TBG drives Economic Growth by focusing on Sustainability, Innovation and Impact. We have 500+ experts in 150+ countries. If you’re attending/participating in FII and you’re also working on Sustainability/ESG-driven solutions for the New Green Economy, please get in touch. We want to connect and organize a separate follow-up session with those of you who are also based in NYC/Tristate area.

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