Environmental Refugees – the Greatest Refugee Crisis of Them All?
By admin July 11, 2018

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With climate changes exceeding most forecasts and communities already suffering, the future of our environment has been difficult to project. The UNHCR states that since 2008, an average of 22.5 million people have been displaced due to climate- and weather-related events. Climate change is expected to create the world’s largest refugee crisis, with tens of millions of people forced from their homes. The majority of the climate migrants will come from the Sahel region, and the 10 to 20 million displaced persons will likely head for Europe.

Although developed countries will experience climate change, developing countries will experience the most adverse consequences. Until recently, refugees have experienced political and security challenges; fleeing war, injustice, discrimination and violence. Now, the recent refugee crisis is gaining more attention due to climate change. Climate change can be a trigger that causes conflict and mass migration and it can exacerbate existing tensions with disastrous.

The forecasts for permanent relocations due to climate change and related issues vary from 0 to 30% of the global population, the World Bank argues that the chances of a climate-instigated mass migration movement are slim as humans have the ability to adaptation to change. Although the future is uncertain, what is known is that climate change is a major issue that will likely lead to major changed in the future.

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