Emerging Markets Continuing Progress in Light of Struggle
By admin July 18, 2018

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Emerging markets (EMs) are considerably new and thus figuring out their path. The term emerging markets was coined in the late 19th century, but by 2016, the heavyweights of EMs accounted for 48% of Global GDP according to a report by Cornell University. Although emerging markets play a significant role in the world economy, developments in advanced economies severely influence the markets.

EMs are currently facing a slow recovery in advanced economies, slowdown in global trade, low commodity prices, geopolitical tensions and tightening in financial conditions after the global financial crisis. The Cornell University report also suggests that although EMs continue to struggle, the worst is in the past. The Economist projected that EMs have become more mature and resilient, but that political tension, protectionism and automation are the main challenges EMs face.

In the future,  EMs are forecasted to become production, and consumer trading hubs. However, with increased production and consumption comes increased energy demand, which is expected to double in Southeast Asia by 2040. The future of EMs is challenged by both rapid and sustainable development. However, no matter the volatility ahead, these countries will have vast and varied influence globally.

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