Emerging/Frontier Markets: What’s in Store for the Next Decade?
By admin January 2, 2020

It’s no secret that we are big proponents of Emerging and Frontier Markets. While some advisors and investors  maintain a myopic focus on North American and European markets, we will continue to promote Emerging Markets (EMs) and Frontier Markets (FMs), which now represent approximately 60% of global GDP (source: IMF/using PPP measures).

During the last decade, we witnessed tremendous growth in leading EMs and FMs – including the rise of China and India; the rollercoaster experience of both Brazil and South Africa; and the emergence of FMs such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Mozambique in sub-Saharan Africa; Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia; Vietnam and Cambodia in ASEAN; and Colombia and Chile in South America (among others).

As this excellent Investment Europe article points out,  the next decade promises to be just as interesting given changes in global growth, the increasing impact of technological advances, demographic changes, urbanization and climate change. This quote from Suhail Suleman is worth noting:

“Today Emerging Markets account for around 60% of world GDP according to IMF data (using PPP measures). Prior to the rise of China (from 1980) it was only 30%. In about five years’ time, and with GDP growth of 5% from China and India, the equivalent of a UK or France is expected to be added to world GDP every two years. The “magic” of compound growth means that as they become bigger, the effect of continued growth becomes even more profound. This will fundamentally alter the makeup of the world economy, which has been dominated by the US and Western Europe ever since the industrial revolution.

We see tremendous promise and opportunity in a number of countries across key regions and will be spotlighting key countries over the next few months and throughout 2020. Stay tuned!

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