December 1st is World AIDS Day
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December 1st is World AIDS Day, and people around the world will show their support for those struggling with the disease by wearing a red ribbon and taking part in global events. According to the United Nations, new HIV infections are down by 35% since 2000, and AIDS-related deaths are down 42% since 2004. 15.8 million people are accessing HIV treatment.

Various countries and organizations have set out themes for the day. For the United Nations, the theme is On the Fast Track to End AIDS, which is also its newHIV/AIDS strategy for 2016-2021. Prevention and treatment of the disease have been integrated into the new Sustainable Development Goals, with plans to front-load investments, target treatment, bring innovation, engage local leadership, create partnerships, and integrate human rights. The UN plans to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. The UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé, said in his 2015 message: “Today, we live in fragile communities where inequities can persist when essential services don’t reach the people in need. To change this dynamic we must quicken the pace of action… Ending the AIDS epidemic means that adolescent girls and young women have access to education and appropriate HIV and sexual and reproductive health services. It means key populations, such as people who inject drugs and transgender people, have full access to health services delivered with dignity and respect. And it means that every child is born free from HIV, and that they and their mothers not only survive but thrive.”

For the United States, the theme is The Time to Act is Now. The US has urged people to get tested and to join its live White House event on that day. The National HIV/AIDs Strategy for the United States, updated to 2020, was released in July of this year, with a focus on preventing new HIV infections, increasing access to care and improving health outcomes for those with HIV, reducing inequities, and having a more coordinated response to HIV, nationally. The US has also provided information and ways to follow updates on social media, as well as campaigns like the Facing AIDS Initiative. There are about 50,000 new HIV infections per year, and 1.2 million living with HIV in the U.S.  Up to 12.8% of the latter don’t know they are infected. To date, 658,507 people diagnosed with AIDS in the US have died.


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