This Common Habit Could Make Your COVID Risk Much Higher, Doctors Say
By admin January 4, 2021


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According to Yahoo/Best Life: “Life in the time of the coronavirus pandemic has taught us plenty of new healthy habits that can help keep us safe. But even if you’re wearing a mask and social distancing in public and regularly washing your hands, there’s one common habit that you may not even realize is putting you at risk: According to doctors, picking your nose can put you in danger of catching COVID. Read on to learn more, and for a really serious risk factor, check out The CDC Just Confirmed This Disorder Could Put You at Risk of Severe COVID.”

(1)Picking Your Nose

It’s not news that picking your nose can make it easier to spread bacteria and germs from your nasal passage to your hands. But what you may not realize is that picking your nose could be introducing “germs from your fingertips into [your] nose, which is the exact opposite of what you want,” Paul Pottinger, MD, infectious disease specialist and professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, told CNN. The nose can provide a particularly easy pathway to accidentally infecting yourself because of how….”

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