As the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is felt here in New York City and across the globe, The Bassiouni Group (TBG) is taking all necessary measures to ensure that our workplace, people and clients are safeguarded and that we have the strictest protocols in place for business continuity.

We have taken the following key steps.

Firstly, we are doing our part to help slow down the spread of the virus. In accordance with the guidelines from the WHO, CDC and federal, state and local governments, we are following all of the guidance related to business operations, social/physical distancing and overall public health/hygiene.

Secondly, we have taken necessary measures to mitigate any potential risk to the uninterrupted delivery of critical support to clients and partners alike. In addition to working from home, we have continued to utilize teleworking systems (using video conferencing wherever possible), postponed business travel and placed a short-term moratorium on conferences, seminars and all external events.

Thirdly, we have mobilized our Crisis Response/Management team to support corporations/institutions that require strategic advice and counsel. By blending Corporate Crisis Management as well as Emergency Response capabilities gleaned from working on the frontlines in crisis zones/war-zones, TBG is able to provide a unique offering to corporations, institutions and governmental entities.

Finally, we are working with key clients and partners that can provide timely solutions to address pressing public health/hygiene issues. A key example is Symphony Environmental. The UK-based company is a leading provider of Intelligent Plastic Technology and takes an innovative approach to help eliminate microbial contamination and reduce plastic pollution. Symphony’s d2p anti-microbial products makes plastic surfaces lethal to microbes while its d2w technology converts regular plastic into “smart plastic” that biodegrades.

The steps outlined above reflect our commitment to doing our part to combat COVID-19 while protecting our employees, consultants, clients,  and partners as well as the overall community. We will continually review the situation and provide updates as appropriate. Please check our website and social media.

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