PDF: TBG — COVID-19 Response Team — Overview of Solutions

Although some countries (or states/provinces) are now moving to relax lockdown/quarantine measures, COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) continues to pose serious challenges to health systems, governments and the general population. Given that we are dealing with a pandemic that is still relatively unknown, it is clear that much more needs to done — by government, the healthcare sector, the pharmaceutical industry and business overall — to “contain” COVID-19 and prevent another resurgence. Rushing to “reopening” without wide-scale testing and tracing, particularly in the U.S. is unwise and simply pinning hopes on a miracle vaccine is neither wise nor prudent.  With that in mind, the TBG COVID-19 Response Team is providing an integrated package of solutions to governmental and corporate clients:


  • Crisis/Emergency Management — Our Crisis Managers work closely with executives and frontline workers in government and the private sector, focusing on rapid action/intervention, rapid assessments, containment, recovery and resilience-building as well as planning.


  • Public Health Our Epidemiologists and Public Health experts work closely with Departments/Ministries of Health and focus on Contact Tracing, Testing, Case Detection, Surveillance, Investigation, Monitoring & Evaluation and Capacity Building. Our experts have SARS, MERS and Ebola experience.


  • Research & Data Management — Our Researchers, Analysts and Data Management experts work alongside our Public Health experts to gather, assess and interpret COVID-19 data in order to provide the necessary insights and guidance and to focus all of our efforts.


  • Recovery & Resilience — Our Crisis Managers and Strategic Planners work closely with executives and managers to gather best practices and lessons learned which are then formulated into a comprehensive Resilience plan that is measured and monitored. This is particularly relevant as we shift into the next phase.


  • Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Solutions for Public Hygiene/Protection — TBG also works closely with innovative companies like Symphony Environmental, which is able to deploy embedded/in-built antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions in most plastic-coated products, including high-priority environments (e.g. schools/colleges, public transportation, airlines, gyms/fitness studios etc).

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Click below for a downloadable copy of our solutions overview:

TBG — COVID-19 Response Team — Overview of Solutions

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