Global Consulting:

The Bassiouni Group (TBG) is a global consulting firm. We provide solutions for the public and private sectors and we drive Economic Growth by focusing on Sustainability, Innovation and Impact. We provide a mix of Consulting, Advisory and Investment solutions for institutions, governmental agencies and corporations. TBG is managed by experienced leaders – from the public and private sectors – and we leverage a Global Network comprised of more than 1000 experts (speaking 100+ languages) in over 150 countries. Our mission is to create innovative solutions that empower our clients, positively impact the communities in which they operate and improve the overall quality of life.

TBG Consulting:

TBG Consulting provides a range of consulting and advisory services  for corporations, institutions, INGOs, development agencies, governments. We focus our services in OECD and Emerging Markets in ASEAN, Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA.

TBG Capital

TBG Capital is an Investment vehicle focused on Venture Capital and Project Finance. We work with startups in fast-growing sectors such as Artificial Intelligence and Cleantech and we link global investors to untapped opportunities in fast-growing sectors/segments.

TBG Purpose:

TBG Purpose is the preferred Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner for corporations, institutions and governments. We provide customized CSR solutions rooted in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TBG’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion group, which is part of TBG Purpose, provides customized D,E&I solutions and enables companies to implement impactful and measurable solutions focused on workplace, economic and social equity and BIPOC inclusion

History & Mission:

TBG was established by David Solomon Bassiouni, Dr. David S. Bassiouni, and experts from the public and private sector to solve complex, global and interconnected Economic and Social Development issues. Seizing the gaps between traditional Development,  Management Consulting and Private Investment firms, the founders saw an opportunity to create a “hybrid” firm that would be as equally proficient in Good Governance and Humanitarian Affairs as Foreign Direct Investment and Private Sector Development. TBG’s central mission of improving the quality of life is centered around the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Global Consultancy Network:

With a Global Consultancy Network comprised of more than 1000 experts in over 150 countries, TBG works selectively with the best international professionals who are sensitive to diversity and cultural context. Our experts have worked with international as well as local/regional organizations, including government ministries, INGOs, development agencies and banks, and, SMEs and global corporations.

Client & Experience