GONAIVES, HAITI – SEPTEMBER 21: Aid workers receives flood relief supplies in Gonaives, Haiti September 21, 2004. Relief crews are struggling to get aid to 170,000 people affected by the floods from Tropical Storm Jeanne that killed more than 700 people. (Photo by Sophia Paris/UN/MINUSTAH via Getty Images)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic requires strong and decisive leadership. Governments can learn from the UN’s humanitarian response experiences. In this article, Dr. Bassiouni shares his experiences as a former UN Humanitarian Coordinator, and how the lessons from Somalia, Ethiopia, Israel and other countries can inform the response today.  Excerpt below:

“The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has exposed serious shortfalls in leadership and emergency response. However, it is encouraging to see that China, South Korea and Singapore — countries where the Coronavirus first struck and peaked dramatically with upwards of 80,860 cases and 3,213 deaths — have now been able to flatten the curve and lower their extraordinarily high peaks of infections to impressive lower levels. This contrasts sharply with the European countries and the U.S. that experienced the pandemic much later and where new infections are increasing astronomically by the day with no end in sight. What happened? What went wrong? In my judgement, the sharp rise...” Click here to keep reading.

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