TBG Summary:

The Bassiouni Group is a Global Development firm that provides Consulting and Trade & Investment solutions for governments, international institutions, corporations, and communities. The firm is managed by experienced leaders – from the public and private sectors – and it leverages a Global Network comprised of more than 500 experts. TBG’s mission is to create, provide and develop integrated Global Development solutions that empower its clients, positively impact the communities in which they operate, and improve the quality of life.

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Visiting China & Hong Kong SAR (May 21-31, 2018):

TBG is joining Pycap (http://www.pycap.ca/), its venture capital partner, in Beijing on May 21stto attend the “2018 Global Intelligent Industry Conference and Global Innovation Technology Transfer Convention”(GIIC 2018). Following the conference, the TBG team will travel to Hong Kong for a series of meetings with investment firms and companies focused on US-China and China-Africa projects and transactions. Both TBG and Pycap are committed to establishing strong relationships with Chinese counterparts for opportunities in North America and in emerging/frontier markets.


TBG将同其风险投资合作伙伴Pycap(http://www.pycap.ca/)一道于5月21日在北京参加“2018年全球智能行业大会暨全球创新技术转让大会”(GIIC 2018)。会议之后,TBG团队将前往香港与聚焦美中和中非项目和交易的投资公司和企业开展一系列会议。TBG和Pycap都致力于在北美和新兴/前沿市场与中国同行建立起牢固的关系。


TBG Capital Summary:

TBG Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on the investment and sustainable development. We link global investors to untapped opportunities in Emerging and Frontier markets; leverage Blended Finance solutions; and build long-term investments around Sustainability and Impact. We are currently developing projects spanning the Agribusiness/AgTech, FinTech, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, ICT/Broadband and Natural Resources sectors, including Coal, Gold, Manganese, Lithium, Vanadium, Titanium, Cobalt and Tin. TBG Capital seeks to engage Chinese investors to join its projects, particularly in Africa and Central Asia.

TBG 资本简介:

TBG资本是一家专注于投资和可持续发展的全资子公司。我们将全球投资者与新兴市场和前沿市场的未开发机会联系起来,采取混合融资解决方案,并围绕可持续发展建立长期投资。我们目前正在开展的项目涵盖农业科技,金融科技,可再生能源,基础设施,ICT /宽带和自然资源。其中的自然资源包括,煤炭,金,锰,锂,钒,钛,钴和锡。TBG Capital寻求中国投资者参与项目,特别是在非洲和中亚地区。


TBG Trade Summary:

TBG Trade facilitates trade opportunities and transactions between North America, South America, Africa and Asia. By combining the capabilities of an experienced International Development firm and a proven Import/ Export company, we are able to provide key insights and create sustainable Trade and Development solutions that boost the bottom line while improving the quality of life. We focus on key categories such as Consumer Goods (Packaged Foods & Beverages), Agricultural Products, Renewable Energy Products, IT/High Tech Products and Healthcare Products.

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David Solomon Bassiouni, President, The Bassiouni Group



Stuart Browne, CEO & Director, Pycap Corporations