What are the Latest Carbon Capture Innovations?
By admin June 24, 2020

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Operations At A Carbon Engineering Direct Air Capture Pilot Facility : News Photo
Photo: James MacDonald/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Carbon capture is not exactly a new technology but some innovative companies are redefining it and creating a new field — Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS). One particular company leading the way is Cemvita, which calls itself a company “developing economical carbon-negative solutions for a sustainable future.”

Cemvita partners with “[its] clients using the latest synthetic biology methods—that are already disrupting other industries—to bring change to heavy industries and reduce global carbon footprint”

The CEO Moji Kamari notes the following about the CCUS opportunity:

“We believe that COVID’s actually going to accelerate the investment into CCUS, and more specifically for biological methods of CCUS, and that’s for a few reasons,” said Karimi.

“COVID has exposed how delicate and complex our supply chain is. That’s an opportunity for CCUS, because the idea of CCUS is to use CO2 that’s either in the air or in flue gas from a power plant or from a refinery, and use it then to make the chemicals instead of having to bring in the chemicals from another place.

“This is called a controlled or closed-loop supply chain, and I think it’s going to be really needed post-COVID, and CCUS offers that.”

It will interesting to see how companies like Cemvita pursue this new CCUS opportunity. For more, read ths article from The Sociable.

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