Can Sustainability Boost New York’s Economic Recovery?
By admin July 15, 2020

New York/NYC is now in the middle of a phased reopening but what is going to drive the economic recovery? Is it “business as usual” or something better? Can NYC unlock trillions of dollars and thousands of new jobs via the Sustainability Economy? Why rebuild if you’re not innovating and improving? Gov. Cuomo has spoken about “re-imagining” and building a smarter/better New York. Also, Mayor De Blasio recently spoke about the need for a Sustainability-driven recovery focused on the following elements:

(1) NYC signing onto the C40 principles for a sustainable recovery

(2) The recovery must address the inequity laid bare by the crisis

(3) Climate action can accelerate the economic recovery and green jobs

(4) Investments must be made to protect against future threats including the Climate Crisis

(5) Climate and environmental justice for communities hit the hardest

This is an encouraging commitment from Mayor De Blasio but it requires follow-through, action and implementation. It also requires investment into key initiatives such as accelerating Cleantech investment as well as retrofit  and climate change  mitigation projects, leveraging green bonds, incentivizing builders to utilize green technologies, allocating recovery loans to companies that invest in sustainability, creating new industrial clusters for renewable technology etc. Sustainability does not simply mean investing in Cleantech — it means investing in resilient and robust systems in all sectors including Infrastructure/Construction, Education, Energy, Healthcare and more. By tapping into the Sustainability Economy, NYC can unlock hundreds of thousands of new (better-paying, future-focused) jobs and trillions of dollars for the local/state economy – not to mention the global economy. The retrofit market alone will reach almost $20B by 2030 per the research snippet below from Prescriptive Data.

New York/New York City is full of talent and tenacity. We have technological, financial, social and cultural capital. We don’t need a blueprint – we need a greenprint. We need to make sure that the promise of a Sustainable Recovery is backed up by a commitment to innovation and bold action. We need to make New York City the global showcase for a truly Sustainable Economy that is far more powerful than anything we ever had. No one is interested in returning to business as usual. It just doesn’t work anymore.

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