Assess & Optimize Your CSR/Sustainability Program: CSRx from TBG Purpose
By admin January 30, 2020

How is your CSR/Sustainability program performing? Where are you making progress and where are you falling behind? What are your goals and are they aligned? Are you using the right metrics and reporting standards? Are you fully compliant? What measures do you need to put in place now – at the beginning of the year – to ensure you meet your goals. You see your doctor for an annual medical exam, so why wouldn’t you check the health of your CSR/Sustainability program?  Don’t operate in the dark. Get in touch today or book a phone/Skype session to get your CSRx Analysis underway. We will provide you with a full assessment covering your overall performance, strengths and weaknesses, actionable data/metrics, competitive positioning and key opportunities. Get checked. Get optimized.

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