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ADVANCED MATERIALS: Smart Plastics (Symphony Environmental)

We are now dealing with the reality of climate change and environmental damage all across the globe, and this crisis requires intelligent and sustainable solutions. TBG is committed to the development of Advanced Materials, including biodegradable and self-healing materials across all segments (consumer products, textiles, building materials). Spotlight: Based in the UK, Symphony Environmental Technologies, Plc is the leading provider of smart plastics. The firm has created a number of innovative products such as d2w, an additive that transforms traditional plastic into oxo-biodegradable plastic, which biodegrades in the open environment in the same way as a leaf and does not leave toxic residues or plastic fragments behind. Traditional plastic without the d2w additive can take 400+ years to degrade in the open environment and cause serious harm to the species that come into contact with it. Symphony’s technology, therefore, acts as an environmental insurance policy that ensures that even if plastic gets into the open environment it will degrade in a reasonable amount of time.

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