Worst Flood hits God’s own Country
By admin August 24, 2018

Kerala, a state in southern India, also known as “Gods own country” because of its marvelous beauty and natural splendor, is in shambles because of devastating floods. Nearly 400 people have died and several thousands still remain stranded by some of the worst flooding in the State. According to reports, about one million people have been displaced, many of them taking shelter in the relief camps.

Heavy rainfall in a short span of time, along with deforestation is considered to be the major reasons for the calamity. Other significant causes include disappearance of wetlands and lakes that acted as natural safeguards against floods because of rampant urbanization and construction of infrastructure. Flooded railways, roads and transport tracks hindering the success of rescue and search operations.

The strongest rescue force is comprised of Kerala’s fisher folk, who have been tirelessly moving people to safety on their boats. Schools, churches, community halls and other large buildings have been tuned into relief camps and millions of people have shown up with supplies and rescue materials. Over a thousand military personnel have also been involved in the rescue mission.

Social media has proven to be an important asset as people from all over the world have been donating funds and other necessary supplies for the victims. Prime Minister Modi announced $71.6 million for flood relief along with other relief such as food and medicine.  Even the apex court of the country is contributing to save the aggrieved state, the Chief Justice of India along with 24 other judges have decided to donate a minimum of 25 K from their salaries to ensure that the state can stand on its feet again.

Although the floodwaters receded this week, they have left massive devastation. Even though the camps are emptying, it will take a long time to rehabilitate the homes and begin the lives from scratch.

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