World Humanitarian Day #ShareHumanity
By admin August 19, 2015



Today is World Humanitarian Day, a day created by the United Nations following the 2003 bombing of UN Headquarters in Baghdad killing 22 UN employees. The UN, governments, NGOs and INGOs all over the world use this day to remember and pay tribute to humanitarian workers everywhere, especially those who have been injured or killed in the field. In 2014 alone, more than 329 air workers were violently attacked one third of whom were killed. There is a drastic increase in the amount of humanitarian aid that is needed as more and more people are living in dangerous environments and fleeing from their homes. The UN has stated that in 2015 nearly 78 million people will be in need of urgent humanitarian assistance costing nearly $16.4 billion. Current humanitarian funding cannot meet this increasing demand and the UN and its partners have taken a unique approach to gain more interest and donations for humanitarian funding.

This year the focus of World Humanitarian Day is the #ShareHumanity campaign, a virtual campaign that is being shared over social media for the week leading up to August 19th. The campaign is creating mass public support for humanitarian action and sharing amazing stories of people surviving and growing in terrible situations. The #ShareHumanity campaign asks people to share access their social media feeds with the UN to share stories of individuals who have lived through recent humanitarian emergencies. Once someone gives access to their feed one of 17 amazing stories from around the globe will be shared with their social media network. The UN Humanitarian Chief Stephen O’Brien said “We’re calling on the young and digitally connected to help us push out these compelling stories and give a voice to the voiceless.”

The UN and partner organizations hope that this campaign will raise awareness to the humanitarian emergencies many people are living in and inspire those who are fortunate enough to not live in these areas to donate to humanitarian organizations. The campaign has been endorsed by celebrities and thousands of people all over the world. TBG joined the campaign and will be sharing the amazing store of Skateistan in Kabul, Afghanistan. This story shares how Oliver Percovich founded the program to promote education and leadership skills, especially among young girls, he has since expanded the program to Cambodia and South Africa.

The UN and other international organizations have realized the power of social media and are using these platforms to share knowledge and drive support. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow organizations to share information in real time and reach millions of people. For organizations with a global reach these platforms have become irreplaceable as a marketing tool that allows maximum exposure at a minimal cost. The #ShareHumanity campaign is a perfect example of this, reaching a global audience sharing stories of humanitarian relief and inspiring people to donate to humanitarian emergencies.

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