University Attack in Kenya
By admin April 2, 2015


This morning, gunmen stormed Garissa University College in Kenya. This is following a terror threat alert that was sent out to universities across Kenya just last week.

The Somali sector of the Al-Shabaab group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which is still underway and has already claimed the lives of 14 people (including two Kenyan police officers) and wounded 65. Out of the 815 students thought to be at the university, only about 280 have been accounted for. According to reports from various news agencies, Al-Shabaab raided the university’s dormitories and began separating Muslim and Christian students. The Christian students were then shot.

The Telegraph reported that Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, Al-Shabaab spokesman, stated that “when our men arrived, they released the Muslims. We are holding others hostage. Our people are still there, they are fighting and their mission is to kill those who are against the Shabaab. Kenya is at war with Somalia.” Telegraph correspondent Aislinn Laing reports that “[Alinoor Moulid], a Garissa-based journalist, reports on Twitter that Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta has said the government “will deal ruthlessly with the terrorists”. It has announced a 5m Kenyan Shillings (£36,000) reward for the capture of al Shabaab commander named as Dulyaden Gacmadhere for “masterminding” the Garissa attack. Meanwhile Kenyan commentators have raised concerns that the attack in Garissa might be a decoy for a larger attack in Nairobi, which has been warned off for some weeks.”

According to Kenyan head of police Joseph Boinet, police forces have secured the perimeter of the university and are currently attempting to “flush out the gunmen.” Reuters reported that Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, the Al-Shabaab’s military operations spokesman said that the group was holding many Christian hostages inside. “We sorted people out and released the Muslims,” he told Reuters. “Fighting still goes on inside the college.”

Journalist Alinoor Moulid has also reported that as the attack unfolds, anger in the area is building regarding the fact that only two additional police officers were posted to Garissa University’s campus, while other universities not only stepped up security, but also warned students of the increased security measures and the reasons behind them.

As the tragedy continues on Garissa University’s campus, the Kenyan government is doing all it can to halt the violence and aid the wounded. According to Al Jazeera correspondent Malcolm Webb, a tank was seen approaching the campus. The Kenyan government has also raised a call for people to donate blood, and already, queues are forming in Garissa with locals gathering to help in any way possible.

This attack has far-reaching consequences for universities across the region in terms of security for their students and educators. With the future of the world being attacked in such a brutal way, the response of Kenya’s government to this attack will be scrutinized in the coming weeks. We can only hope that this does not deter the hopes and dreams of Kenyan students working for a brighter future.

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