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TBG Capital, The Bassiouni Group’s investment division, is excited to announce a new milestone in its ongoing development: Together with its investment partner Spencer Barnor Capital, TBG Capital has united with the Convergence Investment Network, the newly-launched online platform from Toronto-based Convergence that “connects credible private, public, and philanthropic investors with one another to invest in blended finance deals in emerging and frontier markets.” The Investment Network consists of an Investor Database and a Deal Database that help broaden investors’ networks and simplify the screening process for blended finance deals.

“Whether it is the Agribusiness or Infrastructure sector, TBG Capital and Spencer Barnor Capital are committed to working with strategic Investment partners that deliver innovative solutions built upon Sustainable Development,” said David Solomon Bassiouni, TBG’s President. “Convergence has developed a truly groundbreaking platform that promises to accelerate investment into emerging and frontier markets. Today’s global economy presents new challenges and opportunities. Convergence recognizes that it takes exceptional insights as well as the right connections and knowledge. We are excited to be partnering with Convergence and we look forward to working closely with other Investment Network partners on current and future deals spanning Agribusiness, Infrastructure, Energy and more.”

“Convergence members can browse investors and deals that align with their investment needs across sectors and regions.” So far, over 100 institutions have been approved for membership on the Investment Network. Members will be able to browse deals that have a substantial emerging market focus and come from sectors including infrastructure, education, agribusiness, financial services, and healthcare.

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