TBG Fall 2018 Internship Team
By admin September 25, 2018

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TBG is excited to introduce you to our Fall 2018 Internship Team. This accomplished group of graduate students will be assisting TBG on our ongoing projects, business development, and research on various development challenges and initiatives. Learn more about our each intern below.

Paulina Plata – Columbia University SIPA

Paulina is currently enrolled in Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), concentrating in Economic and Political Development. She has previously interned for the U.S. Consulate in Milan and supported the implementation of large-scale events and delegations for audiences including First Lady Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi. She then returned to her hometown of New York City where she has worked for the Department of Education under the mayor’s largest school turnaround effort in the country. Her most recent work has been as a Senior Program Manager in the Office of Safety and Youth Development where she helps in the attainment of goals and objectives that inform security decisions across all public schools. Paulina is fluent in Polish and is an avid lover of all things related to food. She is excited to be a part of the TBG team where she aspires to gain greater knowledge and delve into the world of development consulting.


Jennifer Riland- Columbia University SIPA

A California native, Jennifer comes to TBG from SIPA, where she is in her second year of the Masters in Development Practice program studying sustainable development. Prior to SIPA, Jennifer worked with the Silicon Valley Education Foundation, a leading education nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area working to close the achievement gap in education. In her role as Development Director, Jennifer worked closely with corporate and foundation partners to leverage investment for social change. She has worked extensively in education policy for science, technology, engineering and math, primarily focusing on teacher training in the United States and Cambodia. This past summer, Jennifer worked with an economic development consulting firm in Peru to increase the competitiveness of strategic industries (including digital fabrication, pisco, cocoa, and textiles) for the country. Jennifer has a B.S. in International Business and Social Entrepreneurship, speaks Spanish, and has done field work and research in Brazil, India, Cambodia, and Peru. She is passionate about increasing access to critical resources for vulnerable populations and finding solutions tofoster long term sustainability in developing equitable communities.


Angel Song―Columbia University SIPA

Born in Hunan province of China, Angel is a first-year graduate student majoring in Public Affairs in Columbia University with the Economic and Political Development concentration. In 2016, Angel co-founded Education Without Barriers, an education NGO which provides online education for disadvantaged children in developing countries. She is mainly responsible for communication, fundraising, academic research relevant to child welfare, and volunteer management for this organization. In undergraduate years, she accumulated rich experience in policy research, empowering social enterprise, youth communication. While interning in Center for China and Globalization, a top-ranking think tank in China, her proposal for foreign talent management was adopted by Beijing authorities. In 2015, as UNGC Compliance Officer of Egyliere Travel, she finished a highly-appreciated annual report and offered 3 trainings for staff in environment protection and labor rights. Angel is a talented writer and has published many in-depth reports of businessmen and insightful industrial analysis in top tech-media in China. She is destined to explore more about impact investing, education, human rights, and financial inclusion in TBG.


Jinglun Zhang ―Columbia University SIPA

Jinglun is currently enrolled in Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), specializing in International Finance and Economic Policy. She received her undergraduate degrees in journalism and economics from one of China’s top universities, Tsinghua University (Beijing). Besides her academic background, Jinglun applied her knowledge to practice while working as a resource mobilization intern at UNDP in China, promoting public-private partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals. She also worked as a communications officer at a Beijing-based social enterprise, Philanthropy in Motion, where she gained deeper understandings on social innovation and social impact investing. Additionally, she has worked for McKinsey as a part-time research assistant on a social sector consulting project. Jinglun speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and English, and enjoys spending her leisure time traveling and writing.

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