President Trump Officially Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital
By admin December 7, 2017

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Palestinians have not taken the decision lightly, as hundreds of protestors rioted in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza this morning, viewing their capital as stolen from them by Israel and the West. The Palestinian Authority called for a strike in Palestinian cities and Hamas has called for a third intifada against Israel. All of this is happening at an interesting time for the Palestinians, who just began a reconciliation process between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The Palestinian Authority is positioned to take over diplomatic channels and security from Hamas in coming months. They won this after arguing for a more peaceful, calculated approach to negotiating with Israel, so it is unknown how this strategy will change as anger in the Palestinian Territories could embolden Hamas. Many experts fear this will lead to another Gaza War, adding a fourth conflict to the three that have already bloodily marked the past decade.

Since 1995, United States Presidents have made the decision whether to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital every six months. The Jerusalem Embassy Act, which was passed under Clinton, determined that the United States must move its embassy to Jerusalem unless the President recognizes it as a national security threat. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all deferred the policy, as their administrations argued it could risk war, embolden extremists, and destroy their ability to broker a peace deal. While some in Trump’s administration have argued Clinton supported moving the embassy, Democrats have pushed back that he envisioned doing so after major peace developments occurred.

It is still unclear what Trump’s longterm strategy is regarding the region. During the campaign, and over the past year, he has argued that the United States must continue to lead the peace process and that a deal was possible. His administration is even releasing a new negotiation framework later this month. However, his explanation for recognizing the capital and moving the American embassy as a benefit to this process has been nearly nonexistent. Most experts on the region believe these moves will mortally wound America’s role in the negotiation process. It also seems that the world community is not behind the administration, as an emergency UN Security Council meeting is being held today to discuss the development, with France and the UK expressing grave concern. The future of the region is unknown, but it is apparent that millions of Palestinians are overwhelmed with anger towards Israel and the United States and are looking for outlet to express these feelings. The next few days and weeks will be critical for the diplomatic community in preventing the region from falling into chaos.

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