TBG Trade

Our Vision:

To leverage our business, political and cultural insights and become the trusted leader in Sustainable Trade and Development between the Americas and emerging/frontier markets in Africa and Asia.

Our Mission:

Our mission is threefold: to provide a seamless and transparent exporting process for North/South American exporters and emerging market importers; to provide a competitive pricing structure to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship; and to implement Sustainable Trade and Development solutions that empower institutions, companies and communities alike.

Our Unique Approach:

By combining the capabilities of an experienced International Development firm and a proven Import/ Export company, we are able to provide key insights and create sustainable Trade and Development solutions that boost the bottom line while improving the quality of life.

Export + Business Management (E+B) System:

Through our Export Management System, we provide a range of integrated services:
Access to Finance; Business Advisory; Business Counseling; Business Linkages; Business Plan Development; Capacity Building; Corporate Strategy; Due Diligence; Facilitating Market Entry; GrowthManagement; Knowledge and Skills Management; Legal Advisory; Project Development and Finance; Training; Value Chain Development; Market Site Visits and more.

Trade + Development (T+D) System:

Through our proprietary Trade + Development system, we provide a unique blend of customized consulting and technical assistance services so that our clients can implement projects, access decision-makers, create long-term partnerships and implement sustainable solutions in target markets: Capacity Development for Public/Private Partnerships; Coalition Building; Community Development; CSR Program Development & Implementation; Market Transformation Assistance; Public-Private Partnerships Development; Technical Assistance & Project Management; Trade Facilitation; Investment Support; Sector Partnerships and more.

TBG Trade Brochure 2017

We provide a comprehensive suite of products that are designed to drive sustainable development across all sectors and improve the quality of life across the African continent.
  • Agribusiness
    Inorganic fertilizer; organic fertilizer; agricultural machinery and equipment;and storage silos.
  • Energy
    Solar power installation; pumps for power generation, mining, oil & gas and construction; power transformer tanks; fans, butterfly valves and radiators for power transformers and other applications.
  • Healthcare
    Medical digital x-ray equipment; and various used medical equipment.
  • IT & High-Tech
    Wireless technology design and communication; and computer equipment.
  • Industrial Supplies
    Engines and parts for heavy equipment; industrial and specialty chemicals; conveyor belt systems; synthetic resins; industrial and high performance paints; traffic marking paints; and hot dip galvanizing.
  • Infrastructure Development
    Low cost sustainable buildings; reinforcement steel and related products; cement and related products; gantries and half gantries (large road signs); road poles (stop signs, caution signs, directional signs, etc.); road guard rails; and lumber products, doors, windows, roofing or any other item related to residential or commercial building construction.
  • Manufacturing
    High-speed packaging machinery for food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
  • Security & Defense
    Blast mitigation products for defense and commercial use; ballistic armor products; armored vehicles and trucks; and security patrol boats.

Trade in Africa

  •  Growth in Africa’s trade with the rest of the  world  has  grown  over  fourfold since  2000 and has  been  the  key driver of Africa’s sustained  economic  growth. According to the IMF, 11 of the world’s 20 fastest­growing economies through 2017 will be African.
  • The IMF forecasts that between 2016 and 2020, Africa will reach annual growth of 4.3%, which continue to be higher than many other developing and emerging regions worldwide.
  • “Despite recent shocks and challenges, Africa’s household consumption and business spending are both growing strongly, offering companies a $5.6 trillion opportunity by 2025 […] Sixty percent of consumption growth has come from an expanding population, and the rest from incomes rising enough to fuel spending on discretionary goods and services as well as basic necessities—all powered by rapid urbanization.” (McKinsey, September 2016)

Trade in Asia

  • Across developing Asia, growth will continue to remain resilient in the 2016-18 forecast, reaching 5.7 % growth in 2017-18. In addition, domestic demand will remain robust across much of the region over the next three years. (Asian Development Bank, 2016)

Trade in Latin America

  • Looking ahead in 2017, growth in Latin America is expected to pick up to almost 2% and private consumption will remain solid due to unchanging employment growth in non-resources provinces. Ongoing recovery in the United States will continue to brighten growth outlook for Central America.

TBG Trade + Program:

Through the TBG Trade+ Program, we work with qualified Market Advisors in key markets to identify and implement trade opportunities on the ground. For details on our requirements, send an email (to: info@bassiounigroup.com) with “Trade+” in the subject line.

Current Trade Opportunities (January 2019):

Currently, we have a number of spot trade opportunities covering Chrome, Vanadium, Coal, Iron Ore Magnetite, Zinc Ore, Lithium Carbonate Concentrate, among others. Please send an email to info@bassiounigroup.com for more information.