TBG Consulting

As a hybrid consulting firm, we enable global institutions, governmental agencies, and businesses to tackle challenges, resolve corporate issues and maximize performance. We provide a range of solutions/services and technical expertise in the areas of: Agriculture/ Agribusiness Development, Capacity Building, Complex Emergencies, Disaster Risk Management, Democracy & Governance, Economic Development, Education, Energy, Environment & Climate Change, Gender Rights, Global Healthcare, Humanitarian Affairs, Infrastructure Development, Law & Justice, Political/Institutional Development, Poverty Alleviation, Public/Private Partnerships and Conflict Resolution & Post-Conflict Development.


The Bassiouni Group prides itself on cross-functional, collaborative solutions and we draw experts from numerous disciplines. We also work selectively with the best international professionals who are sensitive to diversity and cultural context. Our partners and consultants have worked with international as well as small organizations, including government ministries, United Nations agencies, and USAID, as well as Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations. TBG’s Global Consultancy network consists of more than 500 experts and 18 practice groups.

Practice Groups

The Bassiouni Group maintains a number of practice groups, which consist of our lead experts and senior consultants. These groups have been designed to coordinate the delivery of services across the firm and provide exceptional client service.

  1. Adolescents/Youth
  2. Agriculture & Food Security
  3. Economic Development & Inclusion
  4. Education
  5. Energy & Environment
  6. Evaluation
  7. Gender Empowerment
  8. Governance
  9. Global Health & Nutrition
  10. Migration
  11. ICT/Technology
  12. Humanitarian Affairs & Action
  13. Infrastructure & Urban Development (Construction, Logistics, Sustainable Housing, Planning, WASH)
  14. Leadership & Management
  15. Peacebuilding & Post-Conflict Transition
  16. Security & Defense (Cyber & Counter-Terrorism)
  17. Social Policy & Development
  18. Trade & Investment (Private Enterprise)

TBG Project Management & Technical Team

Comprised of full-time senior research experts, junior analysts and research assistants, TBG’s Project Management & Technical Team provide direct support to every project by undertaking qualitative and quantitative research as well as detailed scientific analyses of the key issues, factors, and metrics related to key project tasks. The responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide the necessary research and analytical support to all TBG projects

  • Apply quantitative methods and techniques to manage and analyze research data
  • Construct and document large datasets for both internal and project-related use

  • Conduct literature reviews of technical and professional publications

  • Create customized and presentation-quality reports from data analysis results

  • Participate in the design of evaluation and research studies

  • Manage administrative aspects of all research projects

  • Support the preparation of technical procedures and reports

  • Write, compile, and edit assigned portions of project reports

  • Review work products to ensure quality and consistency of content

TBG’s Project Management & Technical Team is available to the firm’s Global Consultancy Network, strategic partners, and TBG+ collaborators.

Consulting Opportunities

The Bassiouni Group offers consulting opportunities on a year-round basis and we maintain a Global Consultancy Network with more than 500 experts across multiple sectors and disciplines. We invite highly experienced and outstanding consultants with applicable – International Development, Corporate Consulting and Sustainable Trade & Investment – experience to join us. Please submit your cover letter and CV to: info@bassiounigroup.com.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) — Crisis Response & Emergency Management

As part of TBG’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our Crisis Management/Emergency Response Team stands ready to support governmental organizations and corporations. Our global Team consists of crisis management, disaster relief, emergency management and humanitarian experts as well as epidemiology, public health, and medical experts who have worked in some of the most challenging environments and war-zones around the world. Connect with us today for a Crisis Assessment and Rapid Response Plan.