TBG Capital

TBG Capital is a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on the investment and social enterprise/private sector development. We link global investors to untapped opportunities in Emerging and Frontier markets, and build long-term investments around sustainability. Our multipronged approach is a blend of Development and Investment expertise, and it ties together Community Development, Business Strategy Consulting, Strategic Investment, Global Sales & Marketing. We work with dynamic, well-managed, export-oriented, fast-growing companies across multiple sectors. We are uniquely positioned to capture investment opportunities based on our strong network of local Market Advisors and Development experts. Currently, we are partnering with a Rwandan specialty coffee cooperative, a cocoa company in Ghana, a shea butter cooperative in South Sudan , and more. Please see below for more.

Investment Criteria:

Our criteria is as follows:

  • Growth or Development Stage Companies – We inject targeted capital into dynamic, capital-efficient companies with proven management teams, strong cash flows, competitive market positions and high corporate governance standards. We also make seed-capital investments on a selective basis.

  • Investment Position – We invest in both controlling interests and minority stakes. Our primary interest, however, is to serve as a valuable strategic partner to optimize business performance and enable success.

  • Investment Size – We are comfortable making small seed investments (as little as $250,000 – $500,000) to help promising entrepreneurs launch their ideas. We are also comfortable participating in larger, more traditional venture financing rounds for high-growth companies. Regardless of the size of our initial investment, we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies.

  • Preferred Investment Region – We focus on growth-oriented opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa (high priority), MENA, SE Asia and South America. Within the sub-Saharan Africa region, we are focused on West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia), East Africa & the Horn (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somaliland), Central Africa (Rwanda, Burundi) and Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola).

  • Prioritized Investment Sectors – While we take a multi-sectoral approach, we are currently prioritizing the Agribusiness (production, agro-processing), Construction, Consumer/Retail, Education, Energy & Power sectors. We are also focused on Manufacturing, Real-Estate, Technology and Tourism. That said, we realize that dynamic companies can be found in almost every sector and we remain open to opportunities.

Get in Touch:
We encourage interested investors and entrepreneurs/business managers to contact us. Please email (to: info@bassiounigroup.com) with TBG Capital in the subject line and include a brief one-page investment summary and/or corporate profile.

Project Summaries

Ghana Cocoa Project

TBG has partnered with the Ghana-based Aboafo Cocoa Buying Company in order to propel the development of hiqh-quality cocoa for export through increased production, agronomic solutions, and farmer training. TBG is providing strategic management support, sustainable cooperative/community development services, targeted growth capital, and global sales and marketing support.

Learn more about sustainability initiatives in Ghana’s cocoa industry

Rwanda Specialty Coffee Project

TBG has partnered with RWASHOSCCO, an award-winning Rwandan specialty coffee cooperative, to enhance production, improve the infrastructure, enable training and generate sales in the U.S. market. TBG is focusing its efforts around sustainable cooperative development, strategic management support, targeted growth capital and global sales and marketing support in the U.S. where RWASHOSCCO’s clients include Whole Food, Intelligentsia and other key buyers.

Learn more about RWASHOSCOO 

South Sudan Shea Butter Project

Through its association with The Mary N. Bassiouni Foundation, TBG has partnered with LuluWorks, a shea butter cooperative that produces Lulu Life, 100% pure and cold pressed Nilotica Shea Butter – the highest quality shea and the best natural skin care without preservatives. TBG is providing strategic management support, infrastructure development, cooperative/community development services, targeted growth capital and global sales and marketing support.

Learn more about LuLu Life