Our Services

TBG Consulting

The Bassiouni Group was established by David Solomon Bassiouni, Dr. David S. Bassiouni and experts from the public and private sectors to solve increasingly complex and interconnected development issues. Seizing the gaps between traditional Development, Management Consultant and Private Investment firms, the founders saw an opportunity to create a “hybrid” firm that would be as equally proficient in Good Governance and Humanitarian Affairs as Foreign Investment and Private Sector Development. The mission of the company is to empower individuals, uplift communities and create a better quality of life.

TBG Capital

We link global investors to untapped opportunities in Emerging and Frontier markets, and build long-term investments around sustainability. Our multipronged approach is a blend of Development and Investment expertise, and it ties together Community Development, Business Strategy Consulting, Strategic Investment, Global Sales & Marketing. We work with dynamic, well-managed, export-oriented, fast-growing companies across multiple sectors. Currently, we are partnering with a coffee company in Rwanda, a cocoa company in Ghana, a [Black-owned] wine company in South Africa and a shea butter cooperative in South Sudan.

TBG Trade

We connect exporters to new growth opportunities globally, especially in Frontier Markets of sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. We also build new markets for dynamic companies from developing economies. In partnering with Osibodu and Associates full list of products which can be accessed here centered around Sustainability. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on trade links around Sustainable Housing, Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure Development and we are forging South-South trade links between South-American and African firms.