Former CDC Chief Launches $225 Million Global Health Initiative
By admin September 18, 2017

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Former Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) chief Tom Frieden announced a new initiative to expand global healthcare strategy and practice, specifically for issues of cardiovascular disease and epidemics. According to The Washington Post, Frieden, who spent seven years leading the CDC during the Obama administration, said he chose these two primary issues based on his “unique vantage point of surveying the world and seeing where there were areas that really are at a tipping point.”

The initiative, titled Resolve, will work to reduce the global burden of heart disease and stroke – the world’s current leading causes of death. In addition, the initiative will help low and middle income countries fight and ward off infectious disease epidemics and outbreaks through strengthening laboratory networks, and training of disease detectives to track and investigate outbreaks. A key objective of Resolve is to partner with central players in the global health sphere, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, and the World Bank, to help transition more countries to ban trans fats and lower salt content in foods as well as increased vigilance against disease outbreaks. Funding for the Resolve initiative is coming from Bloomberg Philanthropies ($100 million), the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative ($75 million) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ($50 million) for a total of $225 million.

According to Frieden, cardiovascular disease currently causes roughly 18 million deaths per year, and in lower-income countries, half of these deaths are in people younger than age 70. Moreover, the objective of Resolve, according to Frieden, is to eventually see that blood pressure control, sodium reduction, elimination of trans fats and strong public health systems will become the new normal.

The Resolve initiative will be headquartered in Vital Strategies, a team of global health experts who will provide support and technical assistance. In addition, the Vital Strategies team will work closely with the WHO, Bloomberg School of Public Health at The Johns Hopkins Foundation, the CDC Foundation, and the World Bank to scale programmatic development and deliverables.

The initiative itself will have two component: first providing strategic investment in areas of treatment for high blood pressure, elimination of artificial trans fats, and sodium reduction to save 100 million lives. The second component of the Resolve initiative is to prevent epidemics by helping governments in low and middle income countries move from Join External Evaluation assessments to funded, implemented, and sustained programs to prevent disease outbreaks from occurring in the first place. The deliverables include: implementation and strengthening of disease tracking systems, support of laboratory networks, professional development of “disease detectives,” and developing rapid response teams to prevent outbreaks. As of now, the Resolve Initiative has officially launched but is still in its early phases of planning and development strategy.

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